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Don’t Post About Your Injury Online

We are almost instinctively pulled to our smartphones and social media accounts after we experience something worth sharing, whether it’s a positive or negative look into our lives. This habit is typically harmless but can prove disastrous in your personal injury claim. Even if you police your own accounts and make sure to keep everything private, you never know who is watching.

When it comes to the law, there are no roadblocks against using social media profiles as evidence. This means a lot of incriminating information can slip through the cracks. If they can find some way to do so, the opposition may argue your posts are an admission of guilt and use this as an excuse to throw out your claim entirely. Don’t underestimate the intentions of someone who is trying to do everything they can not to pay you what you deserve.

Consider this example: you are involved in a rear-end accident and take a photo of your car to assess its damage. You decide to upload it to Facebook and file a claim to pursue compensation for your suffering. However, the responsible party’s response is to pull up a comment from your post and manipulate it as though you were reckless and caused the accident. Or, consider the example in which you post photos smiling with your friends a couple of days later. The other side may use this harmless photo to argue your injuries are exaggerated or completely fabricated and planting this seed of doubt may destruct your entire case.

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