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What You Can Expect During your Car Accident Deposition

Following a car accident, an important step of your case will be the deposition. During a deposition, the other driver’s legal team will inquire about yourself, the collision, and how the accident impacted you. The purpose of a deposition is to gather information about a case and build evidence.

You’ll Be Asked for Personal Information

Although the events of your car accident are the main focus of the deposition, the investigating attorney will ask questions about you: Your contact information, family situation, current and previous residences, education and work experience, medical history, and any past legal involvement.

The Collision and its Effect Will be the Main Topic of Discussion

After compiling your personal information, the deposition will concentrate on the accident, your injuries, and the incident’s overall effect on your life. You will need to provide general information about the collision and your resulting injuries, as well as more in-depth responses that detail the conditions under which the accident occurred, the treatment you received for your injuries, and the emotional impact of the events.

During your deposition, an investigator may ask:

  • How has your injury progressed?
  • What are the names of the doctors you have visited since the accident?
  • How has the accident impacted your personal life?
  • Do you anticipate that the injury will permanently affect your ability to work?

You Should “Study” in Preparation

Honesty and consistency are key during a car accident deposition. Interviewers on the defendant’s team will be hyper-aware of any inconsistencies in your account of the events, and will be prepared to use any disparity as a reason to deny your benefits. Before your deposition, read over important documents and look at photos of the accident so you are refreshed on the timeline. If you genuinely do not know the answer to a question or don’t remember something, say that — do not lie or try to come up with a response that “may” be true.

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