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How to Handle Your First Phone Call with the Insurance Adjuster

Stressful phone call

If you were injured in a car accident, you can expect to receive a phone call from the at-fault party’s insurance adjuster soon after leaving the scene. If you want your personal injury claim to go smoothly, it is imperative that you handle this first phone conversation and subsequent ones with care. You should also hire an experienced personal injury attorney to advise and guide you throughout the process.

Here are some tips that can help you field your way through your first phone conversation with the insurance adjuster:

  • Keep calm and be courteous: The accident and the hassle of having to deal with the insurance company will be infuriating and frustrating, but it is important to avoid taking it out on the insurance adjuster. Your kindness might not convince the adjuster to be more helpful, but at least it will not worsen the situation. After all, being rude never does anyone any favors.
  • Find out who you are speaking to: Anytime you are dealing with a legal matter, it is important to collect as much information as you can. Therefore, make sure you ask the insurance adjuster you speak to for his or her name and other contact information, including the insurance company he or she represents.
  • Provide basic information: You are not obligated to divulge your entire personal history to the insurance adjuster. Try to stick to giving only basic personal information, such as your full name and address. Additionally, refrain from discussing your income, work schedule, or any of the details regarding your occupation.
  • Do not provide details about the accident: You can expect the insurance adjuster to ask you for details regarding the accident. He or she might also ask for a statement. You do not have to acquiesce to this request, so kindly refuse to discuss any details. You can, however, discuss the basics, such as where the accident occurred, the time and date of it, and the vehicles involved. You should not discuss your injuries at this time.
  • Do not provide details about your injuries: Speaking of which, never give any details about your injuries! This point cannot be stressed enough. Discussing your injuries, especially so early on in a claim, will harm your chances of obtaining the compensation you deserve. At this stage, it is impossible to know the full extent of your injuries or how long it might take for you to recover or reach maximum medical improvement. To protect your claim, politely decline any attempts to discuss your injuries or medical treatment.
  • Keep good notes of your conversation: Maintaining detailed records is important to the success of any personal injury claim, so be sure to have a notepad and pen handy.
  • Do not give in to the urge to settle quickly: The insurance adjuster might be quick to make a settlement offer and, as tempting as it might be to settle and avoid waiting to receive any money, doing so will cost you in the long run. If you later discover that your injuries are far worse than your doctor originally thought, you can end up footing the bill for any costs that were not covered by the settlement amount you agreed to.

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