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man with woman taking picture after accident

How to Properly Photograph Your Accident

Photographs are some of the best pieces of evidence you can gather following your car accident. By taking photographs of your accident, you will be able to provide evidence that will:

  • Show the severity of your injuries
  • Prove damage to your property
  • Explain your story

Photos will help your Georgia auto accident attorney build the strongest case possible, which will allow you to pursue the compensation you deserve. Here are some helpful tips when it comes to taking photographs after an accident.

What Should I Take Photographs of?

You should take photographs of anything you believe to be important evidence for your case. Some of the most crucial components to be sure you capture include:

  • Your vehicle - Make sure to photograph all of the damage from the accident, and to be sure that you include photographs from all sides of the vehicle.
  • License plates of both vehicles - This will make sure that you have the information of the other driver.
  • The location of the accident - Make sure that you take photos of street signs, road conditions, and anything that may have contributed to the accident (potholes, unkept roadways, etc.) Be sure that you also take pictures of any skid marks left from the accident.
  • The overall accident scene - You want your photos to tell your story for you. Take pictures that include the weather and the lighting, as these things will help explain your story in greater detail.

Additional Tips

While snapping the right photos after an accident will ensure that you have evidence for a strong case, you also want to be sure that your photos are of high enough quality to explain what’s happening in them.

Use Natural Sunlight

Only use the flash at night or when absolutely necessary to show details of your damage. Natural lighting will give off a much more crisp finish, which will help with the quality of your images.

Don’t Post to Social Media

Once you have pictures of your accident, it may be tempting to go and post your photos online. However, you want to keep all the details of your accident off of social media. Posting details about your accident may harm your potential injury case.

Work with a Trusted Georgia Auto Accident Attorney Today

Now that you have photographs of your accident, you want to be sure to schedule your free case evaluation with a trusted personal injury attorney as soon as possible. There is other important information to your case that needs to be collected such as videos from surrounding businesses and information stored in the vehicles involved in the collision. Some of this information will disappear if it is not gathered quickly. Our team here at The Dickinson Law Firm has helped car accident victims recover the compensation they deserve for countless years and will be able to guide you through this process.

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