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Can You Lose Your Eyesight from a Car Accident?

Can a Car Accident Affect Your Vision?

Vehicular accidents, including car accidents, can cause vision loss and/or eye injuries. Head trauma, whiplash, flying debris, the airbag, and other elements involved in a car crash are often the cause of eye injuries or issues. If you notice you have bruising around your eyes, double vision, blurred vision, light sensitivity, nausea (caused by eye movements), swollen eyes, facial numbness, or difficulty moving your eyes, these symptoms are often signs that you have a facial, eye, or head injury that is affecting your vision.

Blindness, Vision Loss, & Other Common Eye-Related Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

Regardless of your symptoms or lack thereof following an accident, you should seek medical attention immediately. You may be in shock which can affect your ability to feel pain or injuries; medical providers can also inspect you and ask probing questions to better determine if you are injured or at risk of developing certain symptoms.

Eye-related issues and injuries can be caused by other types of injuries, and they often require professional treatment or surgery. Common types of eye-related injuries that can affect your vision include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries. As we mentioned, TBIs like concussions, hematomas, and other head trauma can lead to vision problems, because your brain may struggle to send signals to your eyes. TBIs often cause many of the symptoms we mentioned at the beginning of this article (i.e. blurred vision, double vision, light sensitivity, etc.).
  • Optic nerve damage. If your optic nerve is damaged, you can lose your vision as the optic nerve sends electrical impulses between your eyes and brain. Optic nerve damage occurs when fluids build up and put pressure on the nerve, which can be caused by a head injury or blunt force to the face.
  • Chemical burns. If you are in a car accident with another vehicle transporting hazardous materials or your airbag deploys during the accident, you can suffer from chemical burns on your face and/or around your eyes. Airbags contain powder or vapors that can cause chemical burns. It is important to note that chemical burns can be treated and in many cases vision can be restored or improved with treatment.
  • Retinal detachment. When your retina, the outer layer at the back of your eyes that converts light into electrical signals, is separated from the surrounding tissue or shifts from its normal position, that is referred to as a retinal detachment. After a detachment, your retina will not receive oxygen, which can lead to temporary or permanent vision loss as well as pain.
  • Eye hemorrhages. The clear, gelatin-like substance in your eye is called the vitreous humor. You can suffer a hemorrhage in this part of your eye, which can cause blood to seep into the vitreous humor or surrounding areas and vision problems.
  • Eyelid lacerations. During the accident, you may be cut (or lacerated) by debris or objects flying in your car. A cut on your eyelid or eye can cause vision loss as well as eyelid notching and eyelid contouring.
  • Orbital fractures. Because of facial or head trauma caused by a blunt object and/or strong force, you may break the bone around your eye socket during an accident, which can cause vision loss or impediments.

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