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Three Prominent Medical Malpractice Cases

We’re all human and inevitably make mistakes. Many times, these mistakes are small and can be fixed. However, doctors literally hold patients’ lives in their hands. When mistakes are made on their ends, the results can be absolutely devastating and may even come at a human cost.


Medical malpractice is a term used when a doctor, hospital, or medical provider’s negligent actions or inactions cause injury to a patient. Some common types of medical malpractice include:

  • Failure to correctly diagnose the patient’s condition

  • Failure to monitor a patient’s worsening condition

  • Surgical error during a procedure

  • Failure to timely treat a medical condition

  • Discharge of the patient before their condition was stabilized


These are just a few examples of actions that may be considered malpractice. In fact, medical malpractice can take on many different forms. Here are three prominent cases of medical malpractice to put these terms into context.

Case One: Surgeons Bypassed the Wrong Artery

Dana Carvey was known for his work as a comedian on Saturday Night Live. In 2001, however, he became known as a victim of medical malpractice. About two months after receiving a double bypass surgery intended to help save his life, Carvey received the news that the surgeon had bypassed one of the wrong arteries.


While the surgeon stated it was an honest mistake, the damage was done. Carvey filed a $7.5 million medical malpractice lawsuit against the surgeon and the hospital and settled for an undisclosed amount.

Case Two: Throat Operation Leads to Vocal Cord Damage

Julie Andrews, who famously sang “Do-Re-Mi” in The Sound of Music and played Mary Poppins, underwent a throat operation in 1997 to remove non-cancerous nodules in her throat. While there were no complications with the surgery, she claims that she was left with vocal cord damage, hoarseness, and other complications.


In this case, her professional career relied on the use of her vocal cords. Andrews filed a lawsuit in 1999 and came to a disclosed settlement with two doctors from New York City’s Mt. Sinai Hospital.

Case Three: Surgeons Amputate the Wrong Leg

In 1995, singer and guitarist Willie King was scheduled to have his right leg amputated due to diabetes-related vascular disease. However, a medical error resulted in his left leg being removed during surgery.


King shortly had to get the correct leg removed at a different hospital. A surgery that should have left him with one leg resulted in him losing both. King ended up with a $900,000 settlement from the University Community Hospital and an additional settlement of $250,000 from the surgeon, a total of $1.15 million.


Sadly, just about anyone can become a victim when doctors and medical providers fail to act as they should. If this is the case for you, don’t hesitate to obtain legal representation. Medical malpractice cases can prove quite complex. In many instances, the hospital or its insurance provider will have a legal team fighting to reduce their own liability in these cases.


With over 40 years of legal experience, the attorneys at The Dickinson Law Firm have been helping injury victims seek compensation against liable medical providers. You can rest easy knowing that we will do the same for you, too, so that you obtain a full financial recovery.

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